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The Down and Dirty Dish on Your Disposal

The Down and Dirty Dish on Your Disposal Thanksgiving Day is the busiest days of the year for plumbers… The disposer is part of the reason. When you really think about it, the garbage disposal is probably one of the most disgusting appliances in your home. Seriously, think about all the wasted food that isRead More

3 Ways to Make Sure Your Oven is in Tip-Top Turkey-Making Shape

 3 Ways to Make Sure Your Oven is in Tip-Top Turkey-Making Shape If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, your mind may be in an uproar about preparing for the big day.   Between planning the meal, grocery shopping and tidying the home for out-of-town guests, you can easily forget to prep one of theRead More

Don’t Be Struck with the Dishwasher God’s Wrath

Having the family over for the holidays? Think about all those dishes that will need washed. Yikes! Thank the “Dishwasher Gods” for gifting us this wondrous machine where dishes go in dirty and come out clean.  But, we must take care of it or the Gods will punish you with poor performance.   With allRead More

Simple maintenance steps to prevent washer repair

Maintenance of washer has never been so easy In everyday life, Appliance repair plays it’s evil role in the monetary division. This post provides you simple but efficient tips to prevent money from moving out of our pockets for the washer repair as the statistics report shows that half the population have their washers waitingRead More

Refrigerator Repair Troubleshooting Tips

  Refrigerator repair may create chaos at home. Here’s a list of essential tips on troubleshooting some of the common problems faced by the customers and solutions for the problem. Shattering noise heard while the refrigerator is running The prime reason is the variation in the voltage passing to the control board on the refrigerator.TheRead More

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