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Natural Cleaning Hacks

Natural Cleaning Hacks So you want to avoid using harsh chemicals to clean in your home (especially in your kitchen), but don’t want to pay more at the store for natural cleaning products. We certainly understand. Luckily, there are natural, simple, and cost-effective alternatives that you can create at home to get the job done.Read More

How to Fix a Cooking Thermometer

How to Adjust a Cooking Thermometer When you’re preparing meat, it’s incredibly important to have an accurate cooking thermometer. But how do you know if your meat thermometer is accurate? We can help! You can test the accuracy of your cooking thermometer by performing this simple test (scroll to the bottom for video how-to).   WeRead More

How to Clean the Dryer Lint Trap

How to Clean the Dryer Lint Trap   Believe it or not, something as simple as a dirty dryer lint trap can cause major problems with the performance of your dryer. A dirty lint trap can restrict the airflow of your dryer, which may result in longer dry times and overall poor performance.   WhatRead More

GE Conversational Appliances. Just Ask Geneva.

GE Conversational Appliances. Just Ask Geneva.   You’re probably already familiar with Amazon Alexa, but have you met Geneva? Let us introduce you…   Geneva is your extra set of hands when it comes to multi-tasking and running your household.   Just Ask Your GE Conversational Appliances, Geneva, for Help!   Need someone to preheat the ovenRead More

Samsung Top-Load Washer Recall November 2016

Samsung Top-Load Washer Recall November 2016 Important notice to our customers! On November 4th, Samsung Electronics America, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, issued a voluntary recall of select Samsung top-load washing machines.   Samsung issued the recall after receiving reports that the drum in the washer may become lose, resulting in excessiveRead More

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