5 Signs It’s Time for a New Refrigerator

time for new refrigerator

The refrigerator is undoubtedly one of the most used appliances we have in our kitchen. Not only do we open the fridge multiple times a day, but it works day and night to preserve our food both in the fridge and in the freezer. So when you’re thinking of investing in a new refrigerator, how do you know when it’s time? Have no fear, because we came up with a list of signs that it’s time to get a new fridge.


1. Food Spoiling


Is your leftover dinner already smelling funky? Does your fridge often have a subtle foul smell when you open it? It’s safe to say that the most obvious sign that your refrigerator needs to be replaced is that your food is going bad before it should. Sometimes it’s hard to tell that the temperature is not cold enough just by opening the fridge, but your food spoiling quickly is a sure sign to check out that fridge of yours. Checking the fridge thermostat wouldn’t hurt either.


2. Condensation


This is also a sign that your fridge might not be performing the way it should be. When you open your refrigerator and notice a lot of condensation on the inside, it’s likely that something isn’t right. This means that the fridge is working too hard and is exhausting more energy than it should. Likewise, if the refrigerator is sweating on the outside, or even leaking, you should take it seriously and get it checked out by Tiger Mechanical.


3. Excess Heat


A refrigerator is meant to maintain the right balance of cool and warm. If you notice that the exterior of your fridge is extra warm to the touch – or even hot – something is not working properly. The front and sides of the fridge don’t typically get too hot, but if it feels warmer than usual, check the back of the fridge, too. If it’s really hot, the motor may be overheating and needs maintenance.


4. It’s over 10 years old


If your fridge is old enough to watch a PG-13 movie, it’s probably time to say goodbye. A fridge can last anywhere from 10-15 years, but if it needs constant repairs and attention, you’re probably better off getting a new one. Things start to break down over time, and repairing them can be a hassle.


5. Updating and remodeling


If you’re moving into a home with outdated appliances or just want to update your kitchen, this would be a great time to get a new refrigerator. Many refrigerator brands have integrated technology into their products, so a new fridge can do many things like save you energy, have a touch screen, and even show you what’s inside without even opening it. You’ll be the talk of the town if you get yourself one of these high-end refrigerators.


6. Disposal


Of course, when getting a new appliance such as a fridge, you will need to properly dispose of the old one. You can donate it to friends or family, sell it on apps such as LetGo and OfferUp, or trash it. However, if you trash it, we highly recommend using a Phoenix junk removal service to get the job done. It’ll be quick, easy, and you won’t have to risk injuring yourself. Win-win!


Hopefully, this guide will help you figure out if it’s time for you to get a new refrigerator or not. There are many signs that you can pay attention to in helping you decide. Just remember to keep your eyes peeled for condensation, overheating, your food spoiling too quickly, and how many years your fridge has been accommodating you. In the end, you will save money on repairs and check-ups, and have peace of mind knowing all your appliances work properly.