Refrigerator repair may create chaos at home. Here’s a list of essential tips on troubleshooting some of the common problems faced by the customers and solutions for the problem.

Shattering noise heard while the refrigerator is running
The prime reason is the variation in the voltage passing to the control board on the refrigerator.The other way could be the bad ground which frequently is encountered in older models. This problem happens quite frequently and now you have a familiarity of what the refrigerator repair is performed.

Should I turn off my refrigerator when not in use?
It depends on the individual. Moreover there are no moving parts associated to the refrigerator to be troubled about. But at the same time it does consume loads of power . Our opinion is to switch it off when not in use.

The bulbs and tube lights flicker when the refrigerator runs
This is a common phenomenon encountered by the largest part of the people. It is due to the fact that fluorescent lamps and bulbs gain mixed frequency of current, making it flicker like crazy. The primary way to shape up is to check why the flickering takes place either the refrigerator holds the cause or the bulb itself. The appliance repair can be averted when this concern is considered a bit serious.

The smell of Ammonia
Ammonia , Phew , hard to sense its odor. The problem exists when the cooling air is leaking outside the refrigerator. Nothing to fear about this scenario. The steps to perform would be simple just open the windows , switch off the fridge and everything Is fine. For long term scenario it is needed to perform the washer repair in the hose to avoid further leakage.

The excessive heat generated from the back
The excessive heat from the rear is when the fridge is stuffed with the items to cool. The primary way suggested by the mechanic is to install an additional fan to lessen the heat outcome, else one could move the refrigerator away from the wall making the air to circulate. This problem prevails in the oven repair scenario too.

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