Viking Refrigerator Repair Review

These guys know what they doing. Tom fixed 2 problems after they were (expensively) misdiagnosed and worked on by another local appliance service company who deals with Viking products. One company had no idea where to look to find the solution last time, but billed me for overtime (to take his next customer’s 15 minute phone call, and to put the fridge back together twice for forgetting to reinstall some of the parts he removed). Then he wanted to charge an additional $600 for new parts that had absolutely nothing to do with my refrigerator problem. Tom instantly showed me why my fridge wasn’t working – and the price for the PROPER repair turned out to be a ton less money. On another occasion, a different company installed new refrigerator door hinges crooked, causing a seal problem. I mention other businesses’ bad work in this review to contrast just how competent Tiger Mechanical Services are – Tom arrived quickly and expertly fixed what the others did wrong. Plus Tiger charges per job, with no overtime and solid warranties, which really benefits the customer. I want everyone to know that this company has the knowledge and training to do the work swiftly and CORRECTLY, and i couldn’t be happier with the results.

–Deborah S. (Google+ User)

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