KitchenAid Refrigerator Review

Best KitchenAid Refrigerators Review

Why should you get a KitchenAid refrigerator over another brand? For starters, KitchenAid offers some of the best options in high-end refrigeration. From soft close drawers with customizable settings for meats, fruits, veggies and dairy products to their patented Preserva Food Care System, a KitchenAid refrigerator will provide convenience, comfort, and quality.


When weighing your options for new refrigerators, KitchenAid Refrigerators should be at the top of your list. Here are our top picks for the best KitchenAid refrigerators.

4 Great KitchenAid Refrigerators Reviewed…

25.8 Cu. Ft. 36″ Multi-Door Freestanding Refrigerator with Platinum Interior Design

This powerhouse of a refrigerator is versatile and sleek. The multi-door refrigerator is optimized for storage and keeping food fresh for a longer period of time. The multi-door model uses the Preserva® Food Care System, which provides perfect temperature settings using two independent cooling systems. While five drawers may seem like an unusual amount, all of them have a specific purpose for keeping your food fresh. For a full guide on the 36” Multi-Door Freestanding Refrigerator, click here.



Model Number: KRMF706EBS

Top Features: Five Drawer, Customizable Drawer Settings, Preserva Food Care Setting

Configuration: Column, French Door, Over-and-Under, Side-By-Side

Finish: Choose between Stainless Steel or Black Stainless

Price: $3,999.00

KitchenAid Multi-Door Black Stainless

29.5 Cu. ft 48-Inch Width Built-In Side by Side Refrigerator with PrintShield™ Finish

Looking for a lot of space in your side-by-side refrigerator? With 29.5 Cu. Ft. of space, this refrigerator is the one for you! The KitchenAid built-in refrigerator uses an ExtendFresh™ Plus Temperature Management System, which maintains the perfect temperature for fresh ingredients. The Produce Preserver extends freshness by neutralizing the over-ripening effects of ethylene emitted by certain fruits and vegetables. Not only does the inside keep all of your produce nice and fresh, it is covered in PrintShield™ finish. The PrintShield resists fingerprints and protects against smudging to keep your refrigerator looking like the day you bought it. Find all of the specifications and reviews here.


Model Number: KBSD608ESS

Top Features: Print Shield, ExtendFresh™ Plus Temperature Management System, Deep Shelf Space

Configuration: Column, French Door

Finish: Stainless Steel

Price: $9,999.00

KitchenAid 48inch refrigerator

20.9 Cu. Ft. 36″ Width Built-In Stainless Bottom Mount Refrigerator with Platinum Interior Design

This built-in KitchenAid masterpiece is one refrigerator that will be your kitchen’s centerpiece. At 36-inches, the Bottom Mount Refrigerator uses the Preserva® Food Care System to keep your foods fresher longer while eliminating refrigerator odors in the process. You’ll also enjoy the quiet and sleek SatinGlide® System with Soft-Close drawers. Using the Soft-Close adds a subtle pinch of luxury that you may not notice until you hear it (or don’t hear it, to be exact). For a full list of features, specs and reviews click here.


Model Number: KBBR306ESS

Top Features: Platinum Interior Design, SatinGlide® System with Soft-Close,  Preserva® Food Care System

Configuration: Column, French Door

Finish: Stainless Steel

Price: $8,699.00

KitchenAid built in refrigerator

25.8 Cu. Ft. 36-Inch Multi-Door Freestanding Refrigerator

KitchenAid’s 5 Door design is an industry first. The design inspires a revolutionary breakthrough in refrigerator organization by allowing you to separate food with ease. The herb storage keeps herbs at a slight angle, which allows the roots to continue to grow inside your refrigerator. The 36-Inch Multi-Door Freestanding Refrigerator also comes with two soft-close drawers and a 3-Tier freezer drawer with storage dividers. This refrigerator in a neat freak’s dream! You’ll have everything in it’s place. Find out more on this refrigerator by clicking here.


Model Number: KRMF606ESS

Top Features: 5-Door Configuration, 2 Soft-Close Drawers,  Preserva® Food Care System, Herb Storage

Configuration: Column, French Door, Over-and-Under, Side-By-Side

Finish: Stainless Steel

Price: $3,599.00

KitchenAid Multi-Door Stainless Steel