3 Signs Your Refrigerator Needs Service: Is Your Refrigerator Dying?

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What are the 3 signs your refrigerator needs service? Are you wondering if your refrigerator is dying?

Are you afraid your refrigerator is dying? Is your once reliable refrigerator not as quiet or cold as it used to be? If you’re wondering how to tell if your fridge is dying, read through our list of 3 signs your refrigerator needs professional service.

Signs Your Refrigerator is Dying

  1. Food is spoiling quicker due to a high or inconsistent temperature.
  2. Your refrigerator is noisier than the normal hum of the motor.
  3. You notice an increase in the refrigerator’s energy consumption.

Food is Going Bad Faster

Have you noticed that your butter or cream cheese is softer than normal? This is a clear sign that your fridge is too warm, which can lead to food spoiling faster than normal. Spoiled food is usually the result of the temperature being either too high or too inconsistent. The temperature inside the refrigerator should ideally be at 35 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. signs your refrigerator is dying

You may want to monitor this temperature using a freezer or outdoor thermometer. Turn up the thermostat dial, if necessary, but be aware that this will usually change the freezer temperature (unless your refrigerator model has a separate freezer thermostat), so monitor the freezer temperature as well. The ideal freezer temperature is 0 degrees Fahrenheit. If you cannot get the refrigerator to hold the correct temperature, this may be a sign of your refrigerator dying. Be sure to call for service before the unit completely stops cooling.

Quick Checks

  1. Check the door seal. A loose door seal can cause cooling issues. To check the door seal, close the door on a dollar bill and see if it forms a tight grip on the dollar. If you’re able to easily pull the dollar bill from the seal, this is a sign that you need your door seal replaced.
  2. Clean your condenser coils. Dirty refrigerator coils cause your refrigerator to work harder, which can lead to a shorter life of your refrigerator’s major components. Make it a habit to clean the coils at least every 6 months. Not in the mood to clean your coils? Contact a professional for refrigerator coil cleaning service.

Refrigerator is Noisy

Your refrigerator should always emit a soft humming sound, but when the internal temperature rises above the set level, the compressor and the motor will kick on to bring the temperature back down. This will create a moderate increase in the noise level for a short period of time as the temperature normalizes. However, if this sound does not decrease and instead remains constant, this is a symptom that something is wrong with the refrigerator. The noise is the refrigerator struggling either to maintain the cold interior temperature and/or to disperse heat from the compressor. This should be addressed immediately as it will affect your refrigerator’s longevity and your energy bill. Read more about common causes for a noisy refrigerator.

Increased Energy Consumption

If the refrigerator is working harder than ever to maintain temperature, you will see an increase in energy consumption reflected in your electricity bill. A slight increase is expected during the warm summer months, but if you see exceptionally high increases or increases when the weather is cooling, it could be because your refrigerator is dying.

Companies such as Whirlpool are now releasing appliances with an Energy Adviser, which tracks your refrigerator’s energy use over time. If you notice a spike in your energy usage, it’s a good idea to contact your refrigerator repair professional to have the problem diagnosed before your compressor or other functional parts completely die. Most refrigerators last ten to twenty years. If you’re having any combination of the issues and your refrigerator is older than 10 years, it may be time to consider a replacement.

If your refrigerator is dying, call the experts at Tiger Mechanical. We repair all major refrigerator brands the very same day you call for service (when called before noon).

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