FAQ: Are Dishwashers Better Than Hand Washing?

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Are dishwashers better than hand washing at saving energy and money? The answer may cause you to put down your dish soap and scrubber for good. We’ll answer some common questions that compare dishwashers and your two hands when it comes to saving money, time, and water. We’ll also review proper loading techniques to maximize a dishwasher’s efficiency.

Are Dishwashers Better Than Hand Washing? Here’s How the Two Methods Compare

You may think that hand washing your dishes is the greener choice but it turns out the opposite is true. Are dishwashers better than hand washing when it comes to saving money and resources? The answers may surprise you but can lead to greater savings and greener living.

FAQ #1: Do Dishwashers Save Water?

If you’re wondering, “Which uses less water, dishwasher or hand washing?”, the answer is the dishwasher, hands down. Hand washing can use up to 27 gallons of water with each load. This can end up being 5x more water than a dishwasher.

How do dishwashers save water? In 2013, new standards mandated dishwashers to use no more than 5 gallons of water per cycle. Consequently, modern models use pumps, filters, and hoses to recycle water throughout each wash. While fresh water is used at the outset and during the final rinse, any other water is continually reused. This can end up saving almost 5,000 gallons of water each year when compared to hand washing.

FAQ #2: Should I Hand Wash or Use the Dishwasher to Save Energy?

Dishwashers save more than just water; they save energy too. Washing dishes by hand requires hot water to sanitize and remove food particles. This means your home’s water heater must provide power to heat the water when washing either a single glass or multiple place settings. Whether your water heater uses electricity, oil, or natural gas, this uses a significant amount of energy.

Meanwhile, a dishwasher has its own heating system that’s not only more efficient than a water heater but more effective. The dishwasher’s heater can make the water hotter than your hands can handle, resulting in cleaner dishes using less than half the energy of hand washing. So, are dishwashers better for the environment? They certainly are when it comes to saving water and energy.

are dishwashers better than hand washing

FAQ #3: How Do I Load My Dishwasher to Reduce My Utility Bills?

Are dishwashers better than hand washing in regards to your wallet? How can this information be used to save you money? To reduce your dishwasher vs hand washing cost even further, these tips summarize how to load a dishwasher for maximum efficiency:

  • Skip the Pre-Rinse: Modern dishwashers are more than capable of washing off small food particles, so just scraping off the larger remnants is sufficient. Most detergents even work better with a little grease and grime. By skipping the pre-rinse you not only save time but thousands of gallons of water each year. 
  • Only Wash Full Loads: The most water and energy savings occur when you run the dishwasher on a full load. If it takes more than a day for your dishwasher to fill, run a rinse and hold cycle to keep food particles from drying and sticking.
  • Use Additional Features: Many dishwashers have energy-saving features that can save you money. If your dishwasher has a timer, set it to turn on at a time when energy rates are lower. No heat, air-dry cycles can save even more energy.

Are dishwashers better than hand washing? The Gilbert dishwasher experts can answer the question or any dishwasher concern. Call Tiger Mechanical for the lowdown on any question or repair!

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