5 Best 4th of July Cocktails

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When the sun shines on Old Glory or fireworks illuminate the night sky, toasting our independence with a cold beverage feels just right. To cool down our favorite mid-summer holiday, the team at Tiger Mechanical created a list of the best 4th of July cocktails. From blueberry lemonade margaritas to crisp champagne cocktails, celebrating our freedom has never been so refreshing.

The Best 4th of July Cocktails for Summer Sipping

The best 4th of July cocktails are easy to assemble with summer’s fresh and simple flavors. Ice maker not making ice for the big day? Not to worry; our troubleshooting tips provide fast fixes so you can still kick back and relax.

Blueberry Lemon Margaritas

Nothing says celebration like a margarita and blueberries and lemonade take this crowd-pleasing cocktail up a notch for summer’s biggest holiday. Fresh blueberries add seasonal flavor and patriotic color to a simple syrup that sweetens the punch of lemonade, triple sec, and tequila. Save time by making the syrup in advance and rim your glasses with sugar and salt for a special holiday touch. 

best 4th of July cocktails
Get the full recipe: here.

Watermelon Sangria

While we know that watermelon is the ultimate summer refreshment, did you know it can also make healthy 4th of July cocktails? This watermelon sangria has plenty of fresh watermelon with all of its healthy vitamins and hydrating benefits. Blended with Moscato, rum, and lime juice, a healthy choice never tasted so good.

4th of july champagne cocktail
Get the full recipe: here.

Mason Jar Citrus Coolers

Who says the best 4th of July cocktails need alcohol to taste great?  Mason jar citrus coolers are tart and refreshing enough to sip all summer long and can be enjoyed right from the jar. After combining orange, lime, and lemon juices pour into each mason jar with a spoonful of sugar. Top with ice and club soda, give the covered jar a shake and you’ve got it made in the shade on even the hottest 4th of July day.

patriotic cocktail recipes
Get the full recipe: here.

Rocket Jello Shots

A list of patriotic cocktail recipes has to include jello shots for some nostalgic charm. Mixing red and blue jello packets with water and vodka goes without saying but how to get that white middle layer? Sprinkle gelatin over milk, sweeten it with vanilla and simmer to thicken. Chill a spoonful of each layer in plastic cups for 15 minutes and again for two hours. Enjoy as you reminisce your favorite Independence Days of yore.

4th of july jello shots
Get the full recipe: here.

Champagne Cocktails with Festive Fruit Ice

A 4th of July champagne cocktail is an elegant way to watch the fireworks whether it’s from a city stoop or beachside rooftop. What makes this glass of champagne 4th of July-special are the red and blue ice cubes made from fruit purees. Blend strawberries and blueberries separately in a blender and pour each puree into ice cube trays. Add one of each cube to a glass of champagne and enjoy as their flavor infuses it with sweetness.

festive cocktails
Get the full recipe: here.

We hope you enjoy these tasty 4th of July cocktails and stay safe!

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