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LG dishwasher leaves dishes wet

LG Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes? This Could Be Why.

Troubleshoot an LG dishwasher not drying dishes with these common causes and DIY solutions:
1. LG Dishwasher Not Loaded Correctly
2. The Top Rack Unloaded First 
3. Heated Dry Not Used
4. Not Using a Rinse Aid

dishwasher has standing water after cycle

GE Dishwasher Not Draining? Here are 5 Reasons Why

If you find your GE dishwasher not draining, one of these reasons may be the cause:
1. Your GE dishwasher filter is full
2. You’re using too much dishwasher detergent
3. The drain hose is blocked or kinked
4. The air gap is clogged
5. There’s a problem with your garbage disposal

dishwasher won't fill with water

Why Is My GE Dishwasher Not Filling With Water?

There are 3 reasons why you may find your GE dishwasher not filling with water:
1. A clogged water inlet valve.
2. The Dishwasher float switch is stuck.
3. The water supply is inadequate.

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