GE Conversational Appliances. Just Ask Geneva.

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You’re probably already familiar with Amazon Alexa, but have you met Geneva? Let us introduce you to GE conversational appliances…

Geneva is your extra set of hands when it comes to multi-tasking and running your household.

Just Ask Your GE Conversational Appliances, Geneva, for Help!

GE Connected Appliances Geneva Alexa

Need someone to preheat the oven while you change the baby? Just ask Geneva!

Want to keep the dryer tumbling while you finish dinner so the clothes don’t get wrinkled? Jus ask Geneva!

How do I get Geneva to help me?

GE wifi connected appliances are now compatible with Amazon Alexa to offer the ultimate in home connectivity. Simply ask Amazon Alexa to tell “Geneva” (aka your GE appliances) to perform simple tasks:

“Alexa, tell Geneva to preheat the oven to 350 degrees.”
“Alexa, tell Geneva to set the oven timer for 15 minutes.”
“Alexa, tell Geneva to turn off the oven.”
“Alexa, ask Geneva if the ice maker is full.”

GE Appliances, including the GE Café™ and GE Profile™ products, will now integrate with all Alexa-enabled devices including Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, Echo Dot and Amazon Fire TV. Connected GE Appliances already in homes are compatible and automatically updated with Alexa compatibility.

Check out the full list of Alexa commands for Geneva here.

The Future Is Here with GE Conversational Appliances!

Remember the days when you had to walk into the kitchen to preheat the oven?

Within the next 10-15 years, you might just be asking your spouse this very question. Consumers with GE wifi connected appliances can already experience a home with voice activated appliances by connecting their GE wifi connected appliances with an Amazon Echo device.

With GE Conversational Appliances, you’ll be able to control your entire home. Turn on the lights, control your appliances, turn on some music, and even restock your pantry with the sound of your voice!

You can now affordably install an Amazon Echo device in every room. The Amazon Dot (Amazon’s smallest, most affordable voice-activated, Alexa enabled device) retails for $49.99, but can often be found on special for as low as $39.99. At this price point, even the most modest of households can start modernizing their homes with smart technology.

Learn more about GE’s Geneva here. And get your Amazon Alexa here.

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