Why Your GE Washer Makes Loud Noise During Spin Cycle

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Washing machine sounds are so familiar they’re almost not heard at all, making unexpected noises seem that much louder. Why does a GE washer make loud noise when it spins? The tub bearing may have worn out, requiring professional replacement. Determine why your GE washer makes loud noise during spin cycle with these troubleshooting tips and solutions.

Silencing the Sound When Your GE Washer Makes Loud Noise During Spin Cycle

When your GE washer makes loud noise during spin cycle it’s usually due to a specific part failure. Here’s how to pinpoint the problem and determine if a DIY fix or professional repair is in order.

GE Washer is Unbalanced or Overloaded

Before considering a part malfunction, it may be your wash load that’s responsible if your GE washer is loud during spin cycle. For the washer drum to spin smoothly, its load must be evenly balanced and not exceed the drum’s capacity limits. Washers can become unbalanced when washing a rug or other large, heavy item that becomes lumped on one side of the drum. Filling the washer drum all the way to the top can overload it, resulting in a louder spin cycle.

When loading the washer with a large item, try washing one or two smaller pieces with it to balance the drum during spinning. You may also need to pause the washer to redistribute clumped items around the drum for better balance. Avoid overloading by consulting your washer’s user manual for its specific capacity limits. Filling the washer only ¾ of the way full should prevent overloading.

GE washer makes loud noise during spin cycle

Worn Tub Bearing

The drum in both top and front load washers rides on a bearing as it spins. This bearing enables it to spin smoothly without resistance. Over time, the bearing can wear out, resulting in a washing machine making grinding noise during agitation. You may also hear your GE washer banging during wash cycle.  If you have a front load washer, try rotating the drum by hand. If it spins unevenly or makes grinding or banging sounds, a worn tub bearing is a likely cause.

While squeaking sounds may mean the tub bearing just requires lubrication, the typical grinding sounds indicate that the bearing needs replacement. This is a particularly complex repair that should be done by a professional service.

Drive Belt is Damaged

Both front and top loading washers use a drive belt that connects the washer drum and drive motor to power its spinning. Over time, this rubber belt can become damaged or worn. When it does, your GE washer makes loud noise during spin cycle that sounds like squealing. This noise can slowly become worse until the belt breaks, and the drum won’t spin at all.

Inspect the drive belt for signs of damage like stretching, holes, or fraying. A damaged drive belt should be replaced.

washing machine making loud banging noise on spin cycle

Failed Motor Coupling

Some top load washers have a motor coupling that transfers power from the motor to the transmission. The transmission enables the washer to transition smoothly between washing, draining, and spinning functions. While repeated overloading can cause the coupling to fail, it may also occur naturally over time. When it does, you may hear a vibrating sound as your GE washer makes loud noise during spin cycle. The transmission may also seize, preventing the drum from spinning at all.

A failed motor coupling can’t be repaired and requires replacement. To assess the coupling, the drive pump and/or motor may need to be removed. Consequently, a professional service can best accomplish a replacement.

Shock Absorbers Have Weakened

Front load washers use shock absorbers that connect the washer frame to the outer drum, lessening the drum’s movement as it spins. However, if the shock absorbers weaken, you’ll notice your washing machine making loud banging noise on spin cycle.

A weakened shock absorber may exhibit leaked fluid or broken components and can’t be repaired. Even if only one is weakened, it’s best to replace all the shock absorbers at the same time.

Our experts can handle any washing machine issue, from loud noises to a washer isn’t filling with water. Call Tiger Mechanical for the very best GE washer repair Gilbert!

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