How to Get Money for Your Old Refrigerator

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Get $ For Your Old Refrigerator

Are you ready to replace your old refrigerator? Does your old fridge still work? Then you may be in luck. Most utility companies offer cash rebates for old refrigerators with a few small conditions. Don’t pay someone to haul away your old fridge. Instead, contact your utility provider and ask about their refrigerator recycling program. Most utility companies will haul away the old fridge for free and give you a cash rebate for participating!

Utility Company Refrigerator Rebate Programs

Earning money for your old refrigerator isn’t quite as simple as putting your refrigerator out by the curb and waiting for the check to arrive, but it’s almost that easy. Here are the steps to get money for your old refrigerator:

  • Call your electricity company. Ask them if they participate in a rebate program for old refrigerators and get details about the buyback policy. Many companies require that the refrigerator be clean and in working order. They may even want it to be plugged in when they arrive so they can verify that it works.
  • Arrange a pickup. Once you are sure that your electric company has a buyback program and that your refrigerator is eligible, arrange for them to come pick it up. You will need to be present for them to take it. An adult (someone over the age of 18) will need to be there to sign for the pickup.
  • Get credit on your next energy bill. Most companies apply the credit to your next energy bill. Some companies send you a check. Find out how your electricity company will reimburse you so you can get money for your old refrigerator.
  • Feel good about yourself. About 95% of the materials from an old refrigerator can be recycled. That is a lot of materials that won’t have to be manufactured new, and a lot of potentially toxic materials that are not going into a landfill and back to the earth!

Maricopa County Refrigerator Recycling Programs

Get money for your old refrigerator at one of the following recycling centers in Maricopa county:

Phoenix Valley SRP offers a $50 Rebate check and free pickup for working, clean refrigerators. Learn more about the SRP program here.

Arizona Public Service (APS) offers a $30 rebate for up to two refrigerators and/or freezers.  Appliance must be clean and working at time of pick-up. Learn more here.

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*Tiger Mechanical does not pick up or purchase used or old appliances.

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