How to protect floors from scratches when moving appliances.

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How to Protect Your Floor from Scratches when Moving Appliances.

If your refrigerator or range is on the fritz, you may be concerned about how we plan to move the appliance without scratching your hardwood or tile floor. This is a common concern among homeowners when they hear that we need to move the appliance to complete the repair. At Tiger Mechanical, we use every precaution to prevent damage to your floor and appliance. Our technicians are trained to use a variety of tools specifically designed to move and position appliances.

Airsled: When a job calls for a lot of strength, our technicians use a product called an Airsled. The AirSled uses an innovative air film technology that easily lifts heavy appliances on a micro-thin cushion of air. This technology allows our technicians to quickly and carefully move an appliance with no damage to your floor or their backs.

In this video, we show you how our technicians move a large Sub Zero refrigerator with an Airsled. As you will see, even with the Airsled technology, movement of a large appliance like a Sub Zero is delicate work.

Appliance Glide: If the appliance is light enough, we may use a product called an Appliance Glide. The Appliance Glide is a plastic slip that is positioned between your appliance and the floor. The technician can then pull the appliance forward over the glides, which prevents the floor from coming in contact with the wheels or legs of the appliance.

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