Appliance News: LG Refrigerator Class Action Settlement

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November 16, 2020: Due to a recent lawsuit against LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc., you may be eligible for compensation if you own an LG refrigerator that has stopped cooling. If your unit has experienced cooling issues and you’ve had your unit replaced, lost food, or had an unsuccessful or delayed repair, read on to learn more about the LG refrigerator class action settlement.

Information on the LG Refrigerator Class Action Settlement

What Caused the LG Refrigerator Lawsuit?

Due to a defect in LG refrigerators that causes cooling issues, or a “No-Cooling Event”, a case was brought to the court that has resulted in a settlement. Owners of certain models of LG refrigerators are able to submit a claim for cash payments for a past No-Cooling Event.

LG Refrigerators Included in the Settlement

If you own an LG refrigerator that was manufactured between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2017 and experienced a No-Cooling Event, you may be eligible to submit a claim.

You can identify if your unit is part of the LG refrigerator class action settlement with the model number. You may submit a claim if your model number is listed below:

  • LFC28768SB
  • LFC28768ST
  • LFC28768SW
  • LFCS31626S
  • LFX28968D
  • LFX28968SB
  • LFX28968ST
  • LFX28968SW
  • LFX29927SB
  • LFX29927ST
  • LFX29927SW
  • LFX29945ST
  • LFXC24726D
  • LFXC24726S
  • LFXC24796D
  • LFXC24796S
  • LFXS24623B
  • LFXS24623D
  • LFXS24623S
  • LFXS24623W
  • LFXS24663S
  • LFXS29626B
  • LFXS29626S
  • LFXS29626W
  • LFXS29766S
  • LFXS30726S
  • LFXS30766D
  • LFXS30766S
  • LFXS30796D
  • LFXS30796S
  • LMXC23746D
  • LMXC23746S
  • LMXS27626D
  • LMXS27626S
  • LMXS27676D
  • LMXS30746S
  • LMXS30776D
  • LMXS30776S
  • LPXS30866D
  • LSFD2491ST
  • LSFXC2476D
  • LSFXC2476S
  • LSXC22386D
  • LSXC22386S
  • LSXC22396D
  • LSXC22396S
  • LSXC22426S
  • LSXS22423B
  • LSXS22423S
  • LSXS22423W
  • LSXS26326B
  • LSXS26326S
  • LSXS26326W
  • LSXS26336D
  • LSXS26336S
  • LSXS26336V
  • LSXS26366D
  • LSXS26366S
  • LSXS26386D
  • LSXS26386S
  • LSXS26396S

How to Locate the Model Number

Your LG refrigerator model number is located either on the right side or left side of your unit after opening the door, as illustrated here.

What is a “No-Cooling Event”?

If your refrigerator model number is listed above, you may be able to submit a claim if it has experienced a No-Cooling Event. So what exactly does that mean? You can submit a claim if any of the following applies:

  • You paid to have your refrigerator repaired due to a no-cooling issue.
  • The repair was delayed or unsuccessful.
  • You experienced property loss of food, medicine, or other perishables.
  • You had your refrigerator replaced due to a no-cooling issue.

How to File a Claim

If you think your specific LG refrigerator model qualifies, you may submit a claim online here. There are two ways you can submit a claim:

  1. Submit a Claim Form with a statement under oath with no proof.
  2. Submit a Claim Form with proof of receipts, invoices, insurance records, or other documents.

Your cash payment will vary depending on your statement and proof. If you would like to submit a claim, the deadline is January 11, 2021.

For full details regarding the LG refrigerator class action settlement, visit www.lgfridgesettlement.com

Are you having issues with your LG refrigerator that’s not related to the settlement? Contact Tiger Mechanical to schedule a refrigerator repair appointment.

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