Why is My LG Washer Not Dispensing Soap?

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We know that soap and water work hand in hand to clean and sanitize. So when you notice your LG washer not dispensing soap your clothes may be wet, but they’re certainly not clean. Troubleshoot a clogged detergent drawer, an unleveled washer, and more so soap and water can join forces again.

How to Fix an LG Washer Not Dispensing Soap

An LG washer not dispensing soap typically doesn’t involve a complex repair. Our easy troubleshooting guide explains each possibility’s simple solution so a return to clean clothes is minutes away.

Using Wrong Detergent

Washing machine detergent dispenser not working? Sometimes it’s not the dispenser but what you’re putting inside it. If you have an HE washer it must be paired with HE detergent to function optimally. This is because HE detergent’s formula is designed to work with the lower water volume of HE washers and produce fewer suds.

Using regular detergent in HE washer can cause an overabundance of suds in the dispenser and create clogs. If you need to change detergents, we recommend cleaning the dispenser to make sure no trace amounts of regular detergent remain.

You can find quality HE washer detergent on Amazon.

washer not getting soap
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Washer Not Level

We don’t often worry about our washing machine being level when we find our LG washer not dispensing soap. But an unleveled washer can keep detergent from properly siphoning during a wash cycle. Water in the detergent dispenser can be a sign that this is the case.

We suggest placing a leveler on top of your washer to make sure it’s level. If it’s not, adjusting the washer’s legs can level it.

lg washer soap dispenser not working
Photo Credit: LG USA Home Appliances and Electronics

Detergent Drawer is Clogged

Over time even HE detergent will leave behind residue that can clog a dispenser. Typically you’ll find there’s a clog when your LG detergent drawer not emptying leaves the detergent pooled in the dispenser.

Removing the drawer and rinsing it under running water should dispel any clogs.

How to Clean Washer Detergent Drawer

A more thorough cleaning may be in order if your find your LG washer detergent dispenser stuck with residue. Generally speaking it’s a good idea to perform a deeper clean on a monthly basis to prevent clogs. Follow these quick steps to remove stubborn clogs and keep up with regular maintenance:

  1. Pull out the dispenser drawer
  2. Push down on the disengage button to release the drawer from its opening
  3. Remove plastic cups and inserts from the drawer
  4. Rinse each part, including the drawer, with just water. Use a soft sponge or brush if necessary.
  5. Use a clean cloth or paper towel to wipe away any residue in the drawer’s opening
  6. Replace plastic inserts and cups in drawer
  7. Reinsert drawer
lg washer not dispensing soap
Photo Credit: LG USA Home Appliances and Electronics

Bleach or Softener Dispenser Not Working

If you notice that bleach and softener are not dispensing properly there are specific precautions to take. These simple checks can help make sure bleach and softener dispense correctly:

Bleach Dispenser:

  • Make sure the bleach dispenser is clean and free of clogs
  • Double check that the bleach drawer insert is properly installed
  • Only use liquid bleach
  • Avoid splashless bleach due to its thicker consistency

Softener Dispenser:

  • Double check that the softener drawer insert is properly installed
  • Dilute the thickness of fabric softener with a 50:50 ratio of softener and water
lg washer detergent dispenser stuck
Photo Credit: LG


 If an LG washer not dispensing soap continues to be a problem after these troubleshooting tips Tiger Mechanical can help. Call us to schedule a fast and reliable washer repair.

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