New Appliance Technology for 2016

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This year you can expect some pretty amazing advances in appliance technology. From a smart washing machine that doubles as a clothes dryer to a refrigerator with a touchscreen computer, home appliances are starting to integrate into our lives like never before. In this blog, we list some of the most exciting new appliance technology for 2016.

New Appliance Technology for 2016

Marathon Laundry (Washer/Dryer)

Move over Samsung and Whirlpool, there’s a new washer-dryer in town! Marathon Laundry is introducing a washer-dryer unit that both washes and dries laundry in a single machine. Cited in Wired as the “Tesla of Appliances,” this unit will out preform its LG counterpart by boasting advanced computer systems, smart grid technology, as well as the convenience to wash & dry in a single load.

Marathon’s high-tech computers will track and analyze usage data (including preferred laundry soaps), remember individual user settings, schedule and pause loads based on energy optimal times,  and much more. Since Marathon Laundry is so new to the appliance world, it will be interesting to see how the repair industry will respond to servicing these machines. It’s not clear yet what type of repair plan Marathon Laundry has in place.

You can pre-order your Marathon Machine now for $1,199, but these will become officially on the market in mid-2016 with a variety of colors to choose from.

Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator (Refrigerator)

The winner of best advancement in refrigeration in 2016 has to go to Samsung. The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator includes a 21.5-inch, 1080p touch screen computer located on the right refrigerator door. With some pretty exciting features, such as the ability to stream Pandora and see inside your refrigerator from your mobile phone, the Samsung Family Hub is sure to wow 2016 consumers.

The refrigerator’s tablet-style computer connects to your home Wi-Fi allowing you to stream TV, music, and news while you cook. Get organized in your busiest space: this fridge allows you to display & update your calendar, take notes, browse recipes, and check the weather. Don’t feel like shopping? Create your shopping list, and then order your groceries online using the touch screen interface! Wish you had better inventory of your refrigerator’s contents? No problem! Keep track of your food and get alerts when it expires.

In addition to all these amazing features, the Family Hub Refrigerator is also one of Samsung’s best refrigerator designs. It features three cooling departments: a french door refrigerator on top, a freezer on the bottom left, and a “flex-cool” unit on the bottom right that can be adjusted to a freezer, extra refrigerator, or beverage center (your choice!).

The LG LDT8786ST (Dishwasher)

The new LG 2016 dishwasher features TrueStream and MultiMotion technology that prevents water marks with a more powerful, but shorter washing cycle. LG has also updated the functionality of their 2016 model with three racks: the bottom rack is specifically for plates, bowls, or pots and pans; the middle rack is for cups and wine glasses; the third rack is for utensils and other kitchen tools. There’s even the Inverter Direct Driver Mode that allows you to adjust the intensity of water spray according to each rack. Awesome!

Whirlpool’s Interactive Kitchen of the Future 3.0

What more could appliance manufacturers do with appliance technology?! The answer: A LOT! We haven’t even seen the best stuff yet. The kitchen of the future will revolutionize everything about our daily lives. Imagine a kitchen that provides guided and personalized cooking. Using image and speech recognition, it remembers your favorite foods and creates personalized recipes. How about an in-sink dishwasher that syncs your family’s schedule with meal preparation, and cooking alerts that tell you when to “stir” or “flip” your food? Check out this video to see for yourself—this might be the future of your kitchen.

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