integrated vs built-in refrigerator

Integrated vs Built-In Refrigerator: What’s The Difference?

Are you wondering what’s the difference between integrated vs built-in refrigerators? At first glance, they may seem like the same thing, but there are some little-known key differences between the two types:
1. An integrated refrigerator is installed inside an enclosure so it sits completely flush with its surroundings and the counter.
2. Built-in refrigerators don’t sit flush with their enclosure or the counter, protruding outward by 1-2 inches.
3. Both are panel-ready so they can blend better with your cabinetry, but each will look different due to the difference in installation.

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GE refrigerator door won't close

Try This if Your GE Refrigerator Door Won’t Close

What’s the problem when your GE refrigerator door won’t close? Troubleshoot a refrigerator door not closing correctly with these common causes:
1. Something is blocking the refrigerator door.
2. The refrigerator door gasket is dirty or damaged.
3. The refrigerator door hinges are misaligned or broken.

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electric oven bakes unevenly

Why Your Dacor Electric Oven Doesn’t Bake Evenly

Determine why your Dacor electric oven doesn’t bake evenly and how to solve the problem with these troubleshooting tips:
1. Recalibrate your Dacor oven thermostat.
2. Check the heating element for continuity.
3. Check the oven temperature sensor.
4. Replace the oven control board if it has failed.

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dishwasher has standing water after cycle

GE Dishwasher Not Draining? Here are 5 Reasons Why

If you find your GE dishwasher not draining, one of these reasons may be the cause:
1. Your GE dishwasher filter is full
2. You’re using too much dishwasher detergent
3. The drain hose is blocked or kinked
4. The air gap is clogged
5. There’s a problem with your garbage disposal

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