Quick Fixes for Ice Maker Not Working

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The ice maker is a wonderful invention, but it is also a complex device that can fail in many different ways. If you have an ice maker not working, try these 4 quick fixes before calling for service.

ice maker not working

Why is My Ice Maker Not Working?
Here are Four Common Reasons…

Freezer Temperature too Low

Ice maker issues can often be a symptom of a larger problem that is unrelated to the ice maker itself. If your freezer is even a few degrees too warm, it will not reach the desired temperature, thus your ice maker not working issue.

The freezer needs to measure zero degrees Fahrenheit for the ice maker to work properly. Use a freezer or outdoor thermometer to measure the freezer’s temperature. If the temperature is above 0 degrees, try adjusting the temperature. If you can’t maintain the correct temperature, contact a repair specialist for assistance.

Water Pressure too Low

For your ice maker to work properly, your home needs to supply at least 40 psi of water pressure to the refrigerator. Place a measuring cup under the water dispenser and fill for 20 seconds. If there is less than 13.5 fluid ounces in the cup, your home water pressure may be too low.

Disconnect the water supply line from the water inlet valve at the back of the unit. Repeat the test above. If the water pressure from your home is insufficient, the problem should be addressed as a home plumbing issue. If the water pressure is good, check the water inlet valve for signs of damage or debris. Clean or replace as needed.

Water Lines are Frozen

One common cause for ice maker failure is a frozen water line. If properly filtered and pressurized, the water lines should be fine, but contamination or low pressure can cause the lines to freeze. Inspect the line from the ice maker and look for any signs of frost build-up.

Pinch the line gently if you suspect it is frozen. If the line is frozen, you can thaw it out by flushing the area with warm water. This can be done using a turkey baster or spray bottle. Use towels to soak up any excess water. Test to see if you still have an ice maker not working properly.

change-water-filter fix ice makerWater Filter is Clogged or Dirty

Most people don’t think about it, but a refrigerator with a water dispenser and ice maker needs a filter to eliminate contaminants. This filter should be replaced every six months or you may notice mineral build-up in your water lines. This results in your ice maker not working properly by producing less ice, and even ice that smells bad. If you don’t replace the water filter, it could also affect the water pressure leading to the problem illustrated above.

If you are still having problems with your ice maker, call Tiger Mechanical for fast, professional ice maker repair.


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