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LG dishwasher leaves dishes wet

LG Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes? This Could Be Why.

Troubleshoot an LG dishwasher not drying dishes with these common causes and DIY solutions:
1. LG Dishwasher Not Loaded Correctly
2. The Top Rack Unloaded First 
3. Heated Dry Not Used
4. Not Using a Rinse Aid

lg refrigerator lawsuit 2020

Appliance News: LG Refrigerator Class Action Settlement

Your unit may qualify for the LG refrigerator class action settlement if the following applies:
1. Your specific model is listed as having known cooling issues.
2. You have experienced a “No-Cooling Event” in the past.
3. You have paid for repair on your unit.
4. You have had to replace your refrigerator.
5. You have experienced property loss due to a No-Cooling Event.

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