Top 3 Washers and Dryers for 2018

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Top 3 Washers and Dryers for 2018

Washer and dryers ain’t what they use to be! With dozens of new features, it’s hard to decide which brand to choose. As you begin your search for a new washer or dryer, check out our pick for the top 3 washers and dryers for 2018.

Samsung WV9600 FlexWash™ Washer/Samsung DV50K7500 FlexDry™ Gas Dryer

Samsung is the best selling appliance brand in the US. In fact, Samsung held the largest share of the home appliance market in 2017. Samsung washers and dryers offer what consumers want, which lands them in the top spot on our favorite washer / dryer sets list for 2018.

The FlexWash™ feature of the Samsung WV9600 Washer allows you to wash separate loads at the same time! The two individually controlled washers within the unit can be run at the same time with different settings and options.

It also has a steam wash option, allowing your clothes to get an even deeper clean without pre-treatment. Not to mention, its wi-fi enabled, making it simple to receive alerts about when your cycle is done, directly to your smartphone. Click here for full product details.

A terrific dryer to pair with the WV9600 is the DV9600 Gas Dryer also from Samsung.

The DV9600 has a FlexDry™ feature similar to FlexWash™, in that it essentially gives you two dryers in one. It also uses multi-steam technology to reduce and remove wrinkles, odor, bacteria, and static. This will save you the trouble of ironing in many instances.

Another key feature is a vent sensor that will give you a heads up if it needs to be cleaned, avoiding lint blockages. The stainless steel drum is built to last for the long haul, as it typically prevents scratches. Follow the link here for more details.

LG TWINWash™ Washer/Dryer Bundle

Laundry doesn’t get any more efficient or convenient than with LG’s TWINWASH™ washer and dryer bundle. This set is purposefully designed to provide optimum efficiency and convenience for consumers. Using TurboWash® technology, the LG washers is able to cut your wash time by up to 30 minutes!

The elevated door design allows room for the very handy SideKick™ feature. SideKick™ is a compact washer that is perfect for those small, custom-care loads (for the white shirt in a pile of colored clothes for instance).

Then transfer your laundry over to its mega capacity dryer that features TurboSteam technology. This TurboSteam will eliminate the need for ironing in many cases! As an added perk, its laundry pedestal lends itself to additional storage space under the dryer.

Learn more about this bundle here.

Electrolux Perfect Steam™ Washer with LuxCare™ Wash/Electrolux Perfect Steam™ Gas Dryer

This washer and dryer set from Electrolux is truly a dynamic duo! Both of these Perfect Steam™ models received a Reviewed.com Editor’s Choice Award, which is certainly no small feat. When you take a look at the amazing features, its easy to see why. The washer is highly effective at tackling stains, due to its SmartBoost technology, where it premixes the water and detergent before the cycle begins. It works in conjunction with Perfect Steam™, which gently lifts dirt and stains from the fibers. Check it out here.

The accompanying dryer is equally impressive. Perfect Steam works to reduce wrinkles and static and it features 9 different drying cycles (e.g. allergen, towels, delicates, etc.), so there’s sure to be the ideal one to meet your clothing’s drying needs. See it here.

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