U-Line Modular 3000 Series Undercounter Refrigerator Review

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U-Line 3000 Series Undercounter Refrigerator Review

The U-Line 3000 Series premium modular refrigerators use the most advanced technology to preserve foods and drinks for as long as possible without freezing. Each module is specially designed using the Modular 3000 Series Control Modes, with temperature ranges and set points in mind. Consider our U-Line Modular 3000 series undercounter refrigerator review if you’re in the market for one.

The U-Line Modular refrigerators are completely customizable for meet your exact needs. Each unit comes with various temperature control settings to ensure optimal freshness. Items such as deli meats, dairy, and oils have a lower set point than items like root vegetables like carrots. You control the settings depending on the food and beverages you’re storing.

The U-Line Modular 3000 Series Control Modes

There are six different food and beverage modes:

  • Deli (all meats, poultry, fish cheese, sauce, even nuts)
  • Market (this is typically for fresh fruits, veggies, herbs, leafy greens, or berries)
  • Root Cellar (perfect for things that grow in the ground like potatoes, onions, carrots, beats, radishes, squash BUT ALSO citrus fruits and melons)
  • Pantry (dried goods like pasta, rice, flour, and any dry seasonings)
  • Beverage (anything from apple juice to champagne)
  • Polar is the equivalent of an old-fashioned freezer.


Did You Know??

…you can purchase a U Line Modular 3000 Series Refrigerator

on Amazon.com directly from U-Line. Check out the link for details.


The U-Line Modular 3000 Series

U-Line Modular refrigerators also offer specialty modes for beverages, including one specifically for wine, which allows you to set controls for whatever you’re serving, be it red, white or sparkling wine. The Modular 3000 Series even has a “quick chill mode” to quickly cool drinks you just bring home from the market.

Undercounter refrigeration is a great choice if you are looking to free up some space in your kitchen. By having the refrigerator below the counter, you give yourself more workspace to chop ingredients, sort through groceries, or heck, to just put your bag down for just a minute!

If you want a modern kitchen design with completely customizable refrigeration, then a U-Line Refrigerator is a great choice! We hope Tiger Mechanical‘s U-Line Modular 3000 series undercounter refrigerator review is helpful in your search.

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