Valentine’s Day Treats

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Whether you need to make treats for your kid’s school Valentine’s Day party or you’re opting for a something tasty instead of the same old box of chocolates, these easy Valentine’s day treats are both easy and delicious options. We found the best sweet, savory, buttery, chocolaty, healthy and even vegan Valentine’s Day treats to share, or even better, keep for yourself. Find your perfect treat and click the image for the full recipe.

Easy Valentine’s Day Treats

A great sweet treat that seems to have gained a lot of popularity lately is the cake pop. We found an easier recipe since cake pops sometimes (more often than not) turn out lumpy and take a long time to make. All you need for this recipe is marshmallows, white chocolate, sprinkles (or a variety of toppings), Popsicle sticks (or straws), and food coloring. This easy recipe comes from Deanna, an author at Honey and Lime, an “online lifestyle destination”.

Best Valentines Treats

Sometimes a sweet treat is just too much sugar. Not this treat! This one is a perfect balance of salty, sweet, and savory—which can go in a huge bowl or in little snack bags. Gather M&M’s, your favorite popcorn, graham crackers, miniature marshmallows, and melted chocolate on top. YUM! This tasty concoction is from Crystal Owens, author of A Pumpkin and A Prince, a creative blog.

What is chocolate best paired with? That’s right, peanut butter. For this recipe you do need a heart-shaped tray (find one here), but it’s the perfect treat if you’re on a budget. Everyone will love these! This fun and easy recipe comes from Kristin of the Six Sisters’ Stuff Blog, that has over 3,000 recipes and also tips and hints on travel and fitness.

This treat is WAY too good, so good that you might be glad you only make it once a year! It calls for a whole lot of butter (hence the name). If you’re not feeling brave enough to make them for yourself, make them for someone special, they will really love you for it!

If you’re trying to stay away from unhealthy Valentine’s Day treats, and don’t have a lot of time, this is the perfect recipe for you! All you need is two things—raspberries and regular or white chocolate chips. It’s a simple combination of fruit and the smallest amount of chocolate you can possibly buy! Enjoy these as a little snack by themselves, or as a topping for other treats. This one comes from For the Love of Cooking.

This brownie is both vegan and gluten-free! I don’t know about you, but even if I wasn’t a vegan I would eat these delicious brownies. It embodies sweet, savory, chocolaty, and also healthy! What more could you want from a Valentine’s Day treat? You can find other recipes like this one on the Simple Vegan Blog that shares simple and quick vegan recipes.


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