Vote for Us on Ranking Arizona

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Vote for Us on Ranking Arizona

For the first year, Tiger Mechanical will be competing in AZ BIG Media’s annual competition, Ranking Arizona. Polls are open until July 31, 2015, and you can vote for one company in each sub-category per hour, so vote often!

Vote Now! Click Here.

We would greatly appreciate your help ranking in this year’s competition. Please take a moment to go and cast your vote for Tiger Mechanical. The voting process will take less than 2 minutes. We’ve listed the voting instructions below:

How to Cast Your Vote

#1: To vote in the Ranking Arizona competition, create a log-in here.

The first step is to register with the website. Click on the Register/Login link to start the registration process.

#2: After you click Register/Login, you will see a pop-up window requesting your email address. Enter your email address and follow instructions. AZ BIG Media will not share your email or personal information.

#3: Vote for us in the Business Services category. Click on the Business Services link in the left side menu.

#4: Next, find the Maintenance/Janitorial Cos Sub-category. The competition doesn’t have an appliance repair category, so please vote in the Maintenance sub-category; this will help us keep all of our support under one category.

#5: Select Tiger Mechanical as your choice! Thank you!

As a small, family-owned business, we rely on the support and loyalty of customers like YOU! Thank you for your vote.

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