Washer Vibration Fix for Spin Issues

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Washer Vibration Fix or Spin Issues

If your washer is vibrating or not spinning, there are a few quick checks you can do on your own prior to contacting a washer repair specialist for service. The problem may be as simple as leveling your washer or resetting the control boards with a Master Reset.

Washer noisy/vibrates: Vibration Fixes

Noise is the number one complaint among washing machine owners. Most often noise is the result of vibration. Try these four easy DIY washer vibration fix suggestions before calling for service.

1. Make sure your washer isn’t in contact with any other objects such as the dryer, wall, or cleaning tools. Other objects can magnify the sound of the vibration.

2. Check the height of your washer and reduce it at much as possible by raising the feet. Tall objects vibrate more than short ones.

3. Check the balance. This applies to both your laundry load and the washer itself. Space your clothes out evenly when washing. Use a level to ensure that your washer is properly balanced right to left and front to back.

4. You can also purchase vibration pads which are designed to reduce vibration and the resulting noise.

If the noise you are hearing is less of a vibration sound and more of a grinding or squeaking, this can indicate a belt or motor that will need to be replaced. Contact us for assistance.

Washer won’t spin

When your washing machine won’t spin, it’s reasonable to think that you have a major problem, but it may be a simple computer error caused by an electrical spike or load imbalance. Fortunately, you can perform a simple Master Reset procedure, which may resolve your issue:

1. Unplug your washing machine.

2. After approximately 1 minute, replug the machine.

3. With 30 seconds of replugging, lift and lower the lid 6 times in a 12 second period. This will activate the Master Reset.

If the issue remains after resetting or reoccurs quickly, the problem will need to be professionally diagnosed. 


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