What is a Sealed Burner Range?

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Remodeling a kitchen is an exciting adventure. It can also be overwhelming with all the choices available for appliances. Professional styles or conventional styles? Rangetop or stove? Or what is a sealed burner range?

We’re glad you asked! Let’s dive into the difference between sealed burner vs open burner to see how they measure up.

FAQ: What is a Sealed Burner Range?

Have you been wondering, “What is a sealed burner range?” Well, you’re about to find out. Take a look.

What is a Sealed Burner?

A sealed burner describes how the burner head is sealed to the cooktop, meaning the actual burner is sealed to the base of the range. This is the most common burner found in home ranges because they are touted as being easier to clean. In many cases, people also find the sealed burners more visually appealing.

You can tell when you have a sealed burner because the burner cap redirects some of the flames so that you see them around the cap. Most caps are circular, but some ranges have different shapes designed to distribute the heat more evenly.

sealed burner vs open burner
Image from Thermador


Open Burner vs Sealed Burner Range

To answer “What is a sealed burner range?” you have to compare it to an open burner cooktop. Unlike a sealed burner that has flames directed by the cap, an open burner has flames fully exposed.

Professional chefs consistently prefer fully exposed flames to maximize cooking power, precision, and overall heat output. The open burner is not sealed underneath allowing more oxygen to flow through the flames. The high oxygenation generates higher heat, so open burners are true powerhouses in the kitchen.

And just to be clear, open burners are easy to clean as well. The spills and drips during cooking fall down into trays that can be pulled out and washed, so clean up is pretty simple.

So is it possible to convert sealed burner to open burner? Not really. The entire structure of an open burner vs sealed burner is different, and therefore the heat output is different. If you want to BTUs of an open burner, you need an open burner range. For the vast majority of home chefs, sealed burners are sufficient and generally preferred.

How to Clean Sealed Burners

If you have burner caps, you need to know how to clean sealed burners without damaging them. Always refer to your owner’s manual for instructions on cleaning maintenance and product recommendations.

Carefully handwash all removable components in warm, soapy water with a non-abrasive sponge. Use the sponge to carefully clean around the burner heads. If using spray degreasers, cleansers, or polish, spray directly onto the sponge/cloth to avoid getting liquid into the burner.

Dry all burner and range components thoroughly. Watch this video for complete cleaning instructions.

In addition to cleaning maintenance, regular service of your appliance keeps it operating at peak performance and extends the life of the appliance. For general service or range repair, schedule an appointment with one of Tiger Mechanical’s expert technicians today.


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