What is This Slimy Stuff?

Ice Maker Slime

What is that nasty slime in the picture? Can you guess? I’ll give you a hint: It might be in one of your appliances, and if it is, you definitely want to get rid of it!

Check out the video below for the answer:

ice maker slime warning

Warning!! Don’t Watch While Eating.


The content you are about to view is not for the squeamish at heart. If you recently ate lunch, or you’re planning to eat a meal in the next 15 minutes, don’t watch this video.

Yes, that’s right. That nasty stuff is coming straight out of an ice machine! You want to know what’s really gross (if this wasn’t already enough)? This is actually a pretty common occurrence!! This gross, bacteria saturated goo collects in ice machines, which is why we recommend that you mark your calendar for regular ice maker cleaning service!

Not only is that slime straight up gross, it can spread a whole lot of germs and viruses including Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli, Shigella, and the Norwalk virus.

Chances are this is in your ice machine too!


There’s a very good chance that the inside of your ice machine pipes are covered with this slimy goo. I don’t know about you, but I am going to do everything I can to prevent coming in contact with this slime! Here are a few tips to avoid coming in contact with a contaminated ice machine.

Ice Maker Goo
  • If you own an ice machine, schedule regular cleanings.
  • If your employer owns an ice machine, ensure there’s a regular cleaning schedule.
  • Avoid fountain sodas at “ma & pa” restaurants unless the place has rigid cleaning policies.
  • Don’t use ice machines in public settings such as offices, government buildings, ect.
  • Educate your friends and family about the slim that grows in these machines!

Instead of imagining what might be lurking in your ice machine, contact a ice machine maintenance company to get it cleaned pronto! And if you’re in the Phoenix area, give us a call at (480) 275-7872 to schedule cleaning service.

Didn’t get enough of the goo?

Here are a couple more gag worthy shots!