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Your refrigerator works overtime when it’s warm outside. That’s why refrigerator condenser coil and fan cleaning is so important.

Most consumers don’t realize the amount of dirt and dust that gets caught in their refrigerator coils (especially pet owners.) Routine cleaning will save you from unwanted repair bills.

Tiger Mechanical offers condenser coil cleaning service throughout Maricopa County. When you need help cleaning your refrigerator condenser coils, give us a call for fast, quality refrigerator service.

Need Your Filter Changed? Be sure to mention this to the Customer Service Representative when you book your appointment!

*Does not include built-in units.

$149.95 Refrigerator Coil Cleaning
Is your refrigerator ready for the summer heat? It will be with a little help from the team at Tiger Mechanical!
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When your refrigerator coils are dirty, your refrigerator works much harder to keep cool, which in turn causes its essential components to wear out faster and break sooner.

Here are just a few benefits of cleaning your refrigerator coils:

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