Washer Repair Scottsdale

Washer Repair Scottsdale

When your washer isn’t working, laundry can pile up to the ceiling before you know it. Don’t let a broken washing machine change the way you live your life! Avoid getting buried beneath a pile of dirty laundry by calling Tiger Mechanical for the washer repair Scottsdale experts you need. We have the skill and expertise needed to get your machine back up and running fast.

With over 25 years of repair experience working on all the major washer brands (including Amana, Bosch, Blomberg, Electrolux, GE, Samsung, Maytag, Whirlpool, Kenmore, and more), we have the skills and training you need for even the worst washing machine repair problems. Don’t hire an inexperienced handyman when you can choose the most professional technicians in the area for your washer repair in Scottsdale. Learn more about the brands we service.

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Frequent Scottsdale Washer Repair Issues

Washer is Leaky

Water leaks in the home are a critical issue. If the problem is not addressed quickly, it could lead to more serious problems like dry rot and black mold. If you notice any leaking around your washing machine, you should take steps to address the issue immediately. For emergencies, there is a shut off valve located behind the machine.

Try to determine when and where the leak is occurring. If the leak is specific to certain times in the wash cycle, it may help to indicate the cause. For example, if the leak occurs while draining, prior to the spin cycle, the problem is likely in the drainage hose or connections. If it is a small leak from the front of a front load washer, the issue is probably a bad seal in the door. Look for signs of wear and deterioration on hoses, connections, and any soft plastic component. Replace as needed.

Washer Won’t Drain

If your washer doesn’t drain, then you either have a clog in the drain or a broken pump. Start by bailing out the water in the tub and unplugging the machine. Lean the washer back and support it using a paint can or block. Use a screwdriver to remove the front panel. Clamp the drain hose above the translucent drain pump and disconnect. Remove any offending material with a pair of pliers and examine the pump carefully for signs of damage. If you stick your finger in it, you may be able to feel some broken fins. Usually a broken pump will also make a lot of noise when in use.

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